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Mila Bridal’s Feminine & Minimalist Wedding Dress Collection 

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Simple bridal – but make it unforgettable.

We’ve had our eyes on Mila Bridal for a while now because of their minimalistic approach to bridal design. The Madonna Gown even made it to our favorite long lace sleeve wedding dresses list! And since so many brides are opting to ditch traditional stores and shop online for wedding gowns, we thought it fitting to share the newest wedding dress collection from Mila Bridal.

The Mila Bridal collection celebrates the understated feminine and a sense of minimalism. Created by designer Nika Milevich, who works privately with each bride, dresses are custom, luxurious, and made of the softest fabrics. They design beautiful and affordable wedding gowns (most pieces are under 1K!) and work with each bride individually to create something perfectly unique. They even encourage you to mix and match details of their gowns to create your perfect dream dress.

There are pretty styles that are on-trend like the off-the-shoulder Diana and more timeless pieces with simplicity like Anestheisha. However, all their pieces are filtered through a soft and flirty lens. You can search their site by category from “minimal styles” to “lace styles” and easily find your perfect wedding dress. We know you’re going to love this soft and minimal collection – and we promise, it’s nowhere near boring.

Feminine Simple Minimalistic Wedding Dresses Atlanta by Mila Bridal 2020 2021 – Bridal Musings 21
Feminine Simple Minimalistic Wedding Dresses by Mila Bridal 2020 2021 – Bridal Musings 8
What We Love
One of the strongest signs of quality design is quality fabric. Each gown by Mila Bridal is made of the loveliest chiffons, french laces, 3D laces, and the softest silk crepes. No detail is left unfinished, whether that be a trim lace or silk-covered buttons, making this collection feel cohesive and luxurious.

We also love that they specialize in customizations. Love a 2-piece set, but want it as one garment? They’ve got you covered. Mila Bridal has a detailed list of measurements (and instructions on how to take them at home) so your wedding gown is as close to fitting perfectly as possible. A designer this customizable would often come along with a much heftier price tag.

Another noteworthy detail – the shop has raving reviews! Scroll through if you want to hear from the real-life brides themselves! Oh, and did we mention they have free shipping to the US? They really check all the boxes of what brides love, and what we love, too.